I want to be a CARDIOTHORACIC SUrgeon.
My desire to help others stems from my own trials and tribulations of having two open heart surgeries. If it wasn’t for the doctors who have helped me through everything I without a doubt wouldn’t be here today. I want to be like them. I want to wake up everyday knowing I have the ability to change someone life for the better. I want to save people

Destiny A.

from Spring, TX

studying Medical

at Texas Women's Univer

i want to uplift the world through filmmaking
As a Motion Pictures major, it is my dream to create visual content that brings hope and light into our dark world. I want to make films that inspire others to unleash their creativity and celebrate their uniqueness. I believe cinema is a universal language. I intend to use that language to speak love and acceptance into the hearts of the world.

Kinlie W.

from Bixby, OK

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Belmont University

I want to use tech as a medium for social change.
I like to call myself a hacktivist. That’s not to say I spend my nights illustrating cyber attacks with Anonymous, but that my passion lies at the crossroads of innovation through emerging technologies and building solutions to the issues marginalised communities face. I manifest my hacktivism on three fronts: by teaching, creating, and advocating.

Sofia O.


studying Technology

at Fordham University

change the world one classroom at a time
I want to teach our future Doctors, Engineers, and Presidents kindness while teaching them how to add and subtract. I want to create a classroom that every student that walks out of thinks,"Wow! The world is in the palm of my hand." I want to go to low-income schools and pour into kids who don’t think they have a future beyond their background.

Ana R.

from Pasadena, TX

studying Education

at San jacinto community college

To Use Music to touch People around the world
Music is my passion. I love to write music and spend so much of my free time learning new instruments or writing songs. I want to be able to share my songs with the world, but with the job I currently have, I’ve lost the free time to write music. I’ve worked so hard to be here and with this scholarship I’m able to continue pursuing what I love.

Jack U.

from Anchorage, AK

studying Other

at Liberty University

encourage women to pursue their dream as a pilot
Through the use of my creative skills, I want to encourage women all over the world to pursue their dream as a pilot. Pushing aside the commercial pilot stereotype of a white, middle-aged male has really allowed me to imagine my dream career in a much different way. I want to encourage women to be able to do the same, and ultimately love their job!

Hannah P.

from mclean, va

studying Marketing

at Virginia tech

Empower YOuths through Medicine and advocacy
I grew up in a single-parent low-income household. I want to be a physician who advocates for higher education and scholarship resources for rural impoverished neighborhoods. Becoming a medical physician is my utmost desire where you hear peoples’ stories firsthand, become part of their pain, and ultimately save their lives from the depth of pain.

Stephanie I.

from Brooklyn, NY

studying Medical

at Medgar Evers College

to be a pediatric occupational therapist
I enjoy being around children and in particular, children with special needs. They have taught me many new ways to view the world. Their resilience and contagious smiles are inspiring. It would mean the world to me to have the ability to leave a lasting impact on their lives and celebrate victories of all sizes alongside them and their families.

Jaidyn M.

from Atlanta , GA

studying Medical

at Georgia Southern University

I want to Combat and eliminate the opiod Crisis.
From 1997-2017, almost 400,000 people lost their lives from an overdose involving opioids. Through my legal education I desire to combat this epidemic by partnering with public safety officials, improving healthcare provider standards, and educating consumers on opioid misuse. This issue hits home as a West Virginia native and I desire change.

Tyler G.

from BeckleY, Wv

studying Law

at West virginia university

To protect those in mother nature‘s path
Ever since a tornado narrowly missed my childhood home, I knew meteorology was my purpose. I aspire to increase warning times and storm accuracy in order to prevent the loss of innocent lives to Mother Nature‘s fury. By becoming a meteorologist,I will be able to make my mark on the world one forecast at a time!

Marcus A.

from Belton, Tx

studying Environmental Sciences

at University of oklahoma

LIFE drives me. After traveling to Palestine a country who faces danger everyday due to a lack of conversation and understanding, I realized how much power words have. I want to live in a world where life is valued and violence is not the only way to gain power. I Know first hand the impacts of violence and wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Joseph B.

from Chicago , Il

studying Political Sciences

at Morehouse college

I want to start an agriculture revolution.
Growing up in a small farming town you learn how important agriculture is not own your family but to the world. It is the only industry that is responsible to feed and clothe everyone on the planet. I want to create new farming techniques and practices that can be deployed all over the world to make sure nobody goes hungry or naked.

Patrick H.

from Tahoka, TX

studying Business

at Texas Tech University

be on the front line of care for critical patients
Growing up in a city affected by numerous floods and hurricanes, I know first-hand how critical care saves lives. I became an EMT to be at the forefront of care during all types of emergencies. I want to continue my education to become an Emergency Room Physician and serve in cities affected by natural disasters and in charitable hospitals.

Andrea G.

from Baton rouge, la

studying Medical

at Baylor University

Growing up on a farm in rural South Carolina, I became fascinated with animal health. While the majority of veterinarians are employed in higher-paying metropolitan areas, I want to stay true to my roots and work as a farm vet. In this way, I know I can serve both animals and people by meeting a need, and fulfilling my passion for animal care.

Max W.

from Ravenel, SC

studying Veterinary Health

at Clemson University

I want to create affordable homes for VETERANS.
There are currently over 39,000 veterans in the United States that are considered homeless. These men and women sacrificed themselves for our freedom and are struggling to find homes because of the increasing cost of living. With my construction degree and experience, I will create affordable homes and help those, who have helped us.

Gilberto C.

from Brownsville, TX

studying Engineering

at The University of Texas at Tyler

Passion drives me to reach my goal. Kids begin showing incredible progress and pure happiness when they achieve something, which is rewarding, but their family members' joy is just as fulfilling. Many don't see the world the way an occupational therapist sees it, which makes it my priority to help society see that nearly anything is possible.


from frankfort, il

studying Medical

at University of texas medical branch

I want to break the generational curse of poverty
My experiences have made empowering minority, low-income families and individuals my objective, through mentorship and financial education. My degree in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) will equip me to share the past efforts of trailblazing minorities with those I support so that they too are motivated to break the economic stigma.


from Denver, CO

studying Other

at Texas CHristian University

I want to Make life saving medication affordable
Back in 2015 my brother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a disease that attacks the nervous system and can leave people paralyzed and affect vital life functions. My brother has been on medications and his current medication that essentially saves his life costs 104,000 dollars a year. Medication to save lives should not be this expensive.

Teagan Q.

from Longmont, CO

studying Business

at University of Colorado boulder

to share my exploration of the world through music
My ambitions of becoming a professional musician began when I was given the opportunity to learn from astounding musicians around Texas. Despite my financial background, I have decided to pursue a degree from my dream college. My goal is to inspire and lead a new generation of students to reach their highest potential, as so many have done for me.


from houston, tx

studying Fine Arts / Design

at Berklee College of music

As a woman of color, being in the political realm is extremely challenging. We are under-represented, and I hope to change that narrative by becoming a Political Commentator. My hope is to educate women on the importance of knowing policies, laws, and exercising their right to vote, ultimately inspiring them to seek careers in politics.

Ciara W.

from Las Vegas, NV

studying Communications

at Hampton University