Give Medical Care & Comfort To People Of All Languages
Thousands of non-English speakers in the US experience miscommunication and misdiagnosis while receiving medical care. I hope to bring awareness and change as a trilingual Physician Assistant giving medical care to deaf and Spanish speaking communities.

Marianne Haines

from Farmington, IL

studying Biomedical Sciences

at Southern Illinois University Carbondale

To bring more diversity into the Media
Diversity is important. It showcases new ideas and brings in different perspectives. Utimately, it has the power to help people understand each other. I want to be apart of the next generation that unites society, through the influence of filmmaking and help inspire future generations to do the same.

Naomi Cho

from Los Angeles, CA

studying Creative Producing

at Chapman University

I Will Change The World Through Invention And Innovation
As a young boy, I loved the idea of understanding how things work. So only naturally, I concluded that I want to become an engineer. I aspire to create agile robotic systems to help with the jobs that are too dangerous for people to do themselves. Bringing forth the future today!

Roshard Jackson

from Tampa, FL

studying Mechanical Engineering

at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

I want to save lives by programming autonomous drones
Each year, millions of people are affected by natural disasters. Drones have the ability to survey infrastructure as well as deliver food, water, and supplies in hard-to-reach places. I seek to program drones to autonomously provide aid in emergency situations.

Preston Barnett

from Baytown, TX

studying Computer Science

at Texas A&M University

Overcoming Adversity, One Swing At A Time
Fighting HLHS, I know firsthand that those who are physically "weaker" have the strongest fight. I dream of owning a company that accommodates those who are doubted. With college conquered despite my medical debt, I could open the door for others with disabilities, just like Dr Pepper did for me.

Tate Lewis

from Paris, TX

studying Business

at University of Texas - Dallas

It Is My Dream To Be A Part Of The Empowering Movement For Better Healthcare Toward Newborns
Being a single mother and full-time nursing student, life can get challenging especially financially. With the help of the Dr Pepper Tuition Scholarship I would be much closer in becoming a part of improving the healthcare of at-risk infants in neonatal intensive care units across the world.

Chemari Reeves

from Fairburn, GA

studying Nursing

at University of West Georgia

Building & Designing Inventions To Help Others
Transferring from a community college with a part-time job, I recently got accepted to my dream school, UCLA. I hope to help people with missing limbs as I have 3D printed a functional prosthetic hand for a little girl in Canada. With the money, I can pay for tuition and help those with disabilities.

Carlo Berjamin

from Menifee, CA

studying Mechanical Engineering


To Make Healthcare More Accessible In Low Income Communities
Growing up low-income with a lack of healthcare accessibility has allowed me to experience first-hand the need for physicians and healthcare professionals in underserved areas. I aspire to work and serve in low-income communities in order to bridge this gap and change someone's life for the better.

Batool Unar Syed

from McKinney, TX

studying Biology

at Baylor University

Everyone Deserves A Place To Call “Home”
With the growing homelessness and housing crisis I want to use my education to develop affordable yet energy efficient housing. Dr Pepper's scholarship will help me use my education as a Civil Engineer to promote better environmental practices and make this world a better place to live in.

Mohit Dhillon

from Stockton, CA

studying Civil Engineering

at University of the Pacific

I Want To Increase The Pursuit of STEM Careers In Minorities
Minority students are often faced with hardships and disadvantages that cause them to deter from certain professions. I plan to put that decision back into the hands of our youth and remove the limitations of their imagination as an educational activist and software engineer.

Brianna Ambler

from Stone Mountain, GA

studying Computer Science

at Georgia Institute of Technology

I Will Become An Anesthesiologist With A Specialty In Pediatrics
When it comes to medicine, I work sedulously to make a difference whether it’s from working as a surgical support technician in the labor & delivery department or researching at school. My desire is to improve pediatric care in the medical field. My goal is to make an impact on children in surgery.

Krystie Snype

from Jacksonville, FL

studying Biological Systems Engineering

at Florida A&M University

My Dream Is To Keep Aircrafts Flying Safely In The Air
With help from Dr Pepper scholarship giveaway I can attend my dream college where I can make my dream come true.

Mseke Asani

from Nyrugusu, Tanzania, IA

studying Aviation Maintenance

at Lewis University

I want to bridge the gaps in oral health inequities
A smile reveals a lot about a person; however, not everyone has access, financially or geographically, to care that keeps a smile healthy. By studying dental hygiene/therapy, I aim to help bridge that gap. My goal is to increase access to quality oral health to rural areas.

Sydney Fulcher

from Rush City, MN

studying Dental Hygiene/Dental Therapy

at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

My Hands Speak
I am attending University of North Florida and have been looking forward to it for several years. However, it’s not exactly the way I’d hoped things would be. The Covid-19 pandemic and an unexpected cancer diagnosis for my mom, have made it necessary for me to attend classes remotely from home.

Hannah Jarvis

from Sunrise, FL

studying ASL/English Interpreting

at University of North Florida

I Want to Pass the Paintbrush to the Next Generation of Artists.
A teacher who believed in my capabilities inspired me to become a teacher; I want to pay that favor forward. One day, I intend to be the founder of the first art studio in my hometown's history. At my studio, I will teach my students to paint the world with their own colors.

Christopher Karr

from San Juan, TX

studying Studio Art

at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

My Dream to Become a Teacher
With the help of the Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway, I will get to continue to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. Ever since 2nd grade, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. For Fall 2021, I will be getting little to no financial aid, so this would mean everything to me.

Kayla Stillman

from Phoenix, AZ

studying Early Childhood Education and Special Education

at Arizona State University

I Dream Of A World Unified Through Technology
My goal is to pursue my interest in artificial intelligence through a career that will help bring the world closer together. A scholarship from Dr Pepper would pave the way for me to work in the field of AI; developing its functionality and helping integrate it into our daily lives.

Music by Bensound

Trey Breshears

from Kansas City, MO

studying Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering

at Missouri S&T

Changing the World, One Unicorn at a Time
With help from the Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway, I can attend Louisiana Tech, where I am majoring in Professional Aviation while serving as a mentor to other minorities in the aviation industry and beyond.

Kirsten Smith

from Baton Rouge, LA

studying Professional Aviation

at Louisiana Tech University

Physical Therapist Striving to Decrease Health Disparities
I truly believe everyone should be able to receive optimal health care. As a physical therapist, I aspire to serve in rural and low-income communities. I plan to use my nonprofit to conduct medical missions and will continue to be a change agent advocating to decrease health disparities.

Starr Taylor

from Waco, TX

studying Doctoral of Physical Therapy

at Baylor University

Ten-Year-Old Stops Football to Fight Cancer but Returns to Field for Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway
At 10, I was diagnosed with leukemia and had a bone marrow transplant. I had to stop playing football and start battling for my life. The Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway would help me thank my donor, give hope to other childhood cancer patients, and help me become a pediatric oncology nurse.

Kale Corbett

from Lakemont, GA

studying Nursing

at School TBD

Changing the world one music note at a time.
I want to continue pursuing my passion as well as moving the emotions of audiences around the world. As an aspiring professional opera singer and member of both the Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities, I am constantly wanting to inspire others to follow their hearts and to be true to themselves.

Mario Porras

from El Paso, TX

studying Vocal Performance

at The Juilliard School

Paying it Forward Through Immigration Law
Having experienced the immigration process firsthand, I know how hard it can be. My mother worked with lawyers for years before we finally became citizens. My next goal after finishing senior year is to pursue immigration law and ease the burden for families like mine who are building a life here.

Mugdha Gurram

from Brattleboro, VT

studying International Relations

at Boston University